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About Simplified Solutions NTX, LLC

At Simplified Solutions NTX, LLC, we put People and Process first.  We are dedicated to designing and improving processes that ensure you achieve your business outcomes by keeping your people at the forefront. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your challenges and pain points to enhance your operations effectively. Let us optimize your processes for improved efficiency and productivity.


Our Services

Solution Development

After gathering insights during the discovery phase, we’ll design a solution tailored to your needs. We will address the pain points identified earlier, keeping your organizational goals in mind. Processes and roles will be designed or improved and, if necessary, we will identify the technology needed to support these processes based upon an agreed set of requirements.  And finally, a comprehensive implementation plan will be created.

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Discovery Service / Problem Solving

The Discovery Service/Problem Solving approach begins with a deep dive into your challenges and pain points. We'll work together to map out your existing processes, identify roadblocks, and uncover areas for improvement to provide actionable insights.  One of the keys to problem solving includes knowing what your business goals and objectives are so that everything we work on is done in that context.

Our Services
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Change Management

Change management is crucial for businesses seeking to navigate transitions effectively, ensuring smooth adaptation to new processes and technologies. By facilitating change management, employees are empowered with the necessary tools and support to embrace transformations, fostering a culture of agility and innovation within the organization. We provide tailored strategies, and ongoing support, either embedded within specific projects or offered as an on-demand resource, ensuring that businesses achieve their objectives with minimal disruption and maximum success.

Notion Services

Are you struggling with your existing Notion workspace? Is it not optimized for efficient and effective workflows the way you thought it would be? Or have you heard about Notion and all the wondrous thing it can do? Let’s take a deep dive into the outcomes you are looking for first, then spend the time identifying the processes Notion will enable. Then, we can focus on how to build, or re-build, your Notion workspace for optimal performance and results.

Watch this short clip to learn more about Notion.

Ready to create your own Notion account?  Click here to get started.

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Leadership and Team Productivity

Discover your gifts and transform your team. The Working Genius assessment is 80% productivity and 20% personality. People who understand their genius show up to work happier, are more productive, and play well with others. Let us work with you to analyze your team’s individual and collective results and apply them to leverage Working Genius to be more innovative, strategic and effective.

Operating Model Implementation

In today's business environment, businesses often struggle to maintain efficiency and adaptability in their operations. We advocate for the implementation of a tailored operating model to address this challenge head-on. By streamlining processes and aligning resources with strategic objectives, our operating model ensures optimal resource utilization and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it fosters a culture of innovation and agility, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Ultimately, our approach empowers businesses to scale efficiently, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive market environment.

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About Me

With over 29 years of corporate experience, 27 of which are in the energy industry, I am a business owner and a consultant who specializes in process improvement and change management, leadership development and team building, as well as Notion workspace design and optimization. I hold the PMP and Prosci certifications, have strong analytical and process redesign skills, and have earned the Notion Essentials and The Six Types of Working Genius certifications. 

As the former Director of Business Processes and Change Management at a national utility, I led and facilitated change initiatives that enhanced operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business performance. These initiatives included transformational ERP projects, Asset Management projects as well as targeted process improvement efforts. I also leveraged my domain expertise in accounting, finance, and economics to provide sound business advice and guidance. My mission is to drive business transformation with process excellence, and to empower teams and organizations to achieve their goals and vision. I am passionate about learning new skills, sharing best practices, and collaborating with diverse and talented individuals.

Bronson Blodgett

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About me
“I had the privilege of working with Bronson for over 15 years. He is highly intelligent, thorough, and produces an excellent work product. Bronson has the ability to see the big picture and he understands the details that support that end. He is an expert at integrating people, process and technology. We worked together in a rapidly changing industry and he was instrumental in helping our employees adapt to and adopt every new business process and change. If I were starting a company from scratch, Bronson would be the first person I would call to help me make it successful.."

Gary Gregory, Retired Former Executive Officer

  • What is the purpose of an Introductory Call?
    Discovery Session Overview: A free initial conversation intended to discover the purpose of a future engagement and the core of the problem or issue that is needing resolution. It gives us a chance to ask questions about your needs and goals. It also will lay out next steps to ensure any future engagement will be successful.
  • What are the steps in a process improvement effort?
    Initial Meeting: Set goals and expectations. Process Analysis: Examine the current way work is performed. Identify Challenges: Find and highlight pain points. Target Opportunities: Suggest prioritized improvements. Design the Change: Develop the new way of performing work, making sure it meets the previously established goals and expectations. Plan the Execution: Create the plan to integrate the new process, including any technology modifications, into the business. Implement the Change: Execute on the plan and manage the change. Follow-up: Ensure the new processes and changes are being adopted and identify any modifications that might be needed.
  • What’s the secret to navigating change smoothly?
    There are many factors driving successful change. Clear vision and communication, building buy-in, preparing for resistance, and any necessary training are just some of the key aspects of successfully managing change. As part of an overall transformation effort, we’ll help you and your team navigate the change, ensuring they’re ready, resourced, and reassured.
  • Why should I choose Simplified Solutions NTX, LLC?
    Bronson's combination of corporate experience, background in finance and accounting, project management, process improvement and change management, as well as his focus on active listening and putting People and Process first, are key ingredients to ensuring your goals and objectives are met.
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